bbup is not yet ready for general usage. See the cljup babashka-conf BOF session description or the github issues. Help welcome!

bbup is a one click installer for
Babashka and babashka/bbin
The fast native Clojure scripting runtime and its script installer

bbup is not affiliated with Babashka.
The official Babashka homempage and installation instructions are found on

Run the following in your terminal:

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | bash

You appear to be running Unix.

I love using Babashka, and I'd love to share the experience of writing and using babashka scripts with more people. But I've struggled with the install. What is Babashka? Is it Clojure? Why do I have to install something else than Clojure to run Clojure? Why do I need to install bbin? And why does it require Java?

bbup is my attempt to help fix this. Got comments, feedback or ideas? Please ping @teodorlu in #babashka on the Clojurians Slack! Source:

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